Studies are consistently showing that churches are declining and plateauing. Specifically speaking there has been an average net loss of 3,500 churches each year over the last twenty-plus years. Of the remaining churches, almost 90% percent of them are not experiencing vitality.

Post-Covid numbers have indicated that 10,000 to 15,000 churches in the United States will close their doors in the next year.
City United Church is partnering with the Baptist Churches of New England (BCNE), Church Answers, Revitalize Network, and Logos to bring you this one-day event designed to help churches in the Northeast revitalize and thrive within this current post-pandemic climate.
We are committed to our churches, pastors, and church leaders by offering a one-day church revitalization conference with today’s practitioners, which will point your church to continual vitality.


Sam Rainer

Church Revitalization
Sam Rainer serves as president of Church Answers and is a co-founder of Rainer Publishing. He is also the lead pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida. He writes, teaches, speaks, and consults on a variety of church health issues. Sam co-hosts the popular podcasts Rainer on Leadership and Sam holds a B.S. in Finance and Marketing from the University of South Carolina, an M.A. in Missiology from Southern Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies at Dallas Baptist University.

Gary Moritz

Host/Church Revitalization
Gary loves pastors and the local church. He is a leader within the New England Region on revitalization and renewal. He is the lead pastor of City United Church. He is the subject matter expert (SME) for Liberty University School of Divinity, He is the director of Church Revitalization for the Baptist Churches of New England, where he serves over 380 churches with his church multiplication team. He also co-hosts a national podcast called, with Dr. Tom Cheyney.

Mike Rubino

Church Revitalization
Pastor Mike Rubino is a leader who loves the local church. Over the course of 20 years he has helped launch church plants, re-plants, and revitalizations. As a certified Church coach specializing in both church Re-planting and Revitalization Pastor Mike has the passion, training, and calling to serve churches in need. He holds a Doctorate in Education, Leadership and Technology, MA’s in both Theology and Business, and a BA in Psychology. He is married to his 7th Grade Christian School sweetheart and has two teenagers who love the Lord but have caused him to go bald prematurely.

Jeff Christopherson

Church Planting
Jeff Christopherson is the newly elected National Leader for the Canadian National Baptist Convention. He also serves as Co-founder and Chief Missiologist of the Send Institute and contributing columnist for Christianity Today.  As former Vice President for the Send Network, Jeff has extensive church planting experience in his background.  To start, his church plant called The Sanctuary, grew and intentionally started new churches in vastly unreached cities in Canada. His multiplying work led to being chosen as the Executive Director of Church Planting Canada,  He has authored several books: Venal Dogmata: A Parable of the Future Church, Kingdom Matrix: Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God, and Kingdom First: Starting Churches That Shape Movements. He and his wife, Laura, live in Cambridge, Ontario. They have two married children, Kelley and James, and four grandchildren. 

Hal Haller

Church Planting
With nearly 25 years of church planting experience, Hal has started churches in multiple places and led several church planting networks. In addition to starting new churches and leading church planting networks, Hal’s real passion is to help churches think strategically about reaching and discipling people in their unique settings.

Joe Souza

The Immigrant Church
Joe is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was active in Southern Baptist Life before moving to Boston in 2004 to plant Celebration Church. As an immigrant church planter/pastor, Joe understands the challenges of ministering in a foreign context. He also believes that God can use ethnic church plants to greatly expand His Kingdom in New England. That’s why he's here in New England, to partner with churches made up of different nationalities. Joe's goal is to equip you and encourage you as together you strive to demonstrate unity, be active in missions, and meet generational needs. 

Chap Bettis

Family Ministry
Chap Bettis is the author of The Disciple-Making Parent: A Guidebook for Raising Your Children to Love and Follow Jesus Christ and Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger in the Home. He is also a frequent conference speaker and executive director of The Apollos Project, a ministry dedicated to helping families pass the gospel to their children. For 25 years, he was lead pastor of a New England church plant. He and his wife, Sharon, have four children and live in Rhode Island.

Sandy Coelho

Family Ministry
A native New Englander, Sandy has been serving in leadership development at the BCNE since 1998. Her many roles allow her to connect with scores of leaders in children’s ministries, small groups, discipleship and compassion ministries throughout New England for the sake of equipping the local church.


Track 1: Church Revitalization (Gary Moritz, Sam Rainer, Mike Rubino)

SESSION 1: "Eight Post-Pandemic Best Practices for Church Revitalization" (Dr. Sam Rainer)

Most churches are smaller now than they were two years ago. Many pastors and church leaders are tired. But church revitalization is more important than ever. In this session, Sam Rainer shares why there is a brighter tomorrow and how you can lead your church to better health. 

SESSION 2: "Traveling the Revitalization Roadmap" (Dr. "Doc" Mike Rubino)

Join Mike Rubino as he discusses a simplified roadmap to renewal. You will learn the steps to take to advance your journey in Church Revitalization and Renewal. 

SESSION 3: "Revitalizing Your Health" (Dr. Gary Moritz)

The mood of the leader is the mood of the team. If the pastor is not healthy, the church will not be healthy either. How does a tired pastor recover and realign himself to continue the journey and remain healthy spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally?

Track 2: Church Planting  (Hal Haller & Jeff Christopherson)

SESSION 1: "Kingdom Mission" (Jeff Christopherson)

The redemptive nature of God and His Kingdom Way inevitably restores broken lives and cities for the gospel.

SESSION 2: "Kingdom Transformation" (Jeff Christopherson)

The Kingdom way transforms people.  The Kingdom Way transforms cities.  The Kingdom way changes everything.

SESSION 3: "Kingdom Movement" (Jeff Christopherson)

The Kingdom Way always goes viral and cannot be contained. Disciples are made.  Churches are started.  Lives are forever changed - locally and globally.

Track 3: The Future of the Immigrant Church (Joe Souza and Guests)

SESSION 1: "Then and Now" (Joe Souza and Josh Rowley)

One of the challenges immigrant churches deal with is adapting to the cultural reality in which they live and accepting that the ministry context is different in New England than in their home countries. In this session, led by Joe Souza and Josh Rowley, we will investigate some of the patterns of past ministry to immigrants in New England that were effective but have currently morphed into not only new challenges but also opportunities. After investigating some historical facts as well as current trends among immigrant churches, participants will be encouraged to interact with their peers around the tables following a discussion guide.

SESSION 2: "The Perspective of Young Leaders" (Andre Ferreira, Jackie and Julie Souza)

One of the most impactful contributions of immigrant churches in New England is a strong and growing breed of young leaders. They are a hybrid generation in the sense that they not only understand but also transition well between their own cultural heritage and the reality of the New England context, including ministry. This generation has been forged through the leadership of their parents and leaders, who are from a foreign country, but have naturally assimilated to the language and customs of the land where they have been raised. Their perspective is vital to shaping the present and future of the immigrant church, but unfortunately, their voice has not always been heard. During this session, young leaders of immigrant churches, who have been on a training practicum of almost 2 years, will share their insights on important aspects of ministry which is vital for their generation to lead their churches to the future that God has in store for them. Andre Ferreira, Jackie and Julie Souza will be leading this session, as participants will be encouraged to interact with their peers around the tables following a discussion guide.

SESSION 3: "What the Future Holds"

Many say that if we want to get a glimpse of what the future will look like in New England we should look to Europe. The rampant secularization of Europe and New England is a common thread, and in this session, we will host IMB partners who currently serve in London to share some of their challenges in reaching immigrant populations in a secular culture. Some of their insights will help us prepare for what is in store for immigrant churches in New England as well as create possibilities of working together to reach the New Diaspora immigrants around the world. We will also hear from young leaders who will have traveled to London as part of their training to lead their churches to understand the reality of what is to come. This will be a great time to learn about future trends and start thinking about ways to guide the immigrant church to respond in a Godly manner.


In this closing session, we will hear from leaders of immigrant churches who are able to impart wisdom on successfully navigating the challenges of leading internationals in New England for the long term. They will share their experiences as practitioners in areas such as developing leaders, self-care, evangelism, finances, cultural adaptation, contextualization and healthy rhythms of ministry by which they live. There will be time for participants to interact with each other around the tables as well as some Q and A with the panelists.

Track 4: Family Ministry ( Chap Bettis & Sandy Coelho)

SESSION 1: "Seven Commitments of the Disciple-Making Parent" (Chap Bettis)

We all know and believe that parents are the primary disciple-makers in their families. But what does that look like? What are we supposed to do? In this short seminar we will hit seven commitments we should ask of ourselves and our parents.

SESSION 2: "Helping Your Parents Disciple Their Children" (Chap Bettis)

"Help! I want to encourage other parents in family discipleship. Where do I begin?" Whether you are young or old, on staff or a volunteer, pastor or lay person, we will think about some goals and strategies to equip your parents. You will leave with a plan.

SESSION 3: "Challenges Our Families Are Facing" (Chap Bettis)

It seems like our society is entering the new dark ages. Christian families are not immune from being influenced by those individuals around them. In this session we will identify some of the issues that our families are facing so that they can walk through those challenges in a godly way.

Track 5: Church Leadership (Terry Dorsett, John Hill, & Dan Molind)

SESSION 1: "Does Your Church Need an Endowment Fund?" (Terry Dorsett)

Giving patterns in America are changing rapidly. When set up correctly, endowment funds offer financial stability to churches and ministries. Is it the right time for your church to consider this? Led by Dr. Terry W. Dorsett, who has served in New England since 1993 and raised millions of dollars for Baptist work in New England during that time, including more than $2.4 million dollars in endowments for BCNE related ministries.

SESSION 2: "Biblical Principles for Entrepreneurship in the Church and Marketplace" (John  Hill)

The need for new work and activity in the church and marketplace are necessary for gospel advancement.  The seminar led by John Hill, a successful defense contracting company executive, will help you discover the foundational Biblical principles necessary for entrepreneurial leadership in the church and marketplace.

SESSION 3: "Developing an Outreach Approach to Reaching Your Community" (Dan Molind)

Reaching the people in our communities should be our highest priority.  Learn from Dan, who is successfully reaching the lost in his community, and get insights on spiritual truths, best practices, and encouraging ideas on how you and your church can reach people for the gospel in your community.



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