Find your people.

No lone rangers here - we follow Jesus together. We're able to belong, connect, serve, and bring as we learn to be real with each other.



Open House is where you can meet the team, hear the story of how City United came to be, download our vision and values, ask questions, and leave ready to dive in. Sign up below for more info.


Get involved! There's always something going on.

Events are sponsored and put on by the church. They can range from City Kids hikes to an ice cream get-together on a beautiful Sunday night. Click below to browse our upcoming events. 


Make new friends by doing what you love.

Transparent Connection can take place in homes, in the community, on campus, or online.

Meet-Ups are low-commitment events where you can find friends, have fun, serve our community, or learn together. They are sponsored, organized, and run by our members and attenders, and advertised by the church. 

United Groups

Where families unite as friends.

We believe strongly in the power of Transparent Connection. One of the ways we accomplish that at City United is through our United Groups. These are where you and your family connect with others and their families, have fun, share meals, serve the community, and forge deeper friendships.

Micro - Groups

Where friends point each other to Jesus.

Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Micro-Groups are 3-5 people of the same gender who meet regularly to read the Bible, pray, and point each other to Jesus. Because it’s so challenging to be honest in a big group setting, Micro-Groups are a great way to help people grow towards Jesus and care for each other.


We use our church app messaging feature for United Groups, recurring Meet-Ups, and Micro-Groups (on request). Find your group below.