City United Church is now a Ministry Training Center for Church Answers University!

Church Answers University offers an exciting and innovative path toward ministry training and certification that is Affordable, Accessible, and Attainable.
Your certification includes 10 courses and all textbooks, which are provided in physical or digital format depending on your region.

Get Essential Ministry Training
in Less than 1 year

Everyone who goes through the program will take part in 8 courses:

Biblical Studies (4 Courses)
  • Understanding the Bible as a Whole
  • New Testament Essentials
  • Old Testament Essentials
  • Systematic Theology
Practical Studies (4 Courses)
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Contemporary Issues in the Church
  • Launching, Leading, and Sustaining a Healthy Small Group Ministry
  • Prayer

Available Certifications

Today, you may choose between either the Certification in Christian Ministry or the Certification in Women’s Discipleship.
Continue below for more information.

Certification in Christian Ministry

The Certification in Christian Ministry prepares students with the educational foundation needed to serve as a local church or ministry leader. Students will be equipped with relevant biblical content taught by experienced scholars and church leaders. This certification is ideal for those who want a well-rounded ministry education. 
Includes the 8 essential courses plus the following 2:

  • The Healthy Church
  • Church Revitalization

Certification in Women's Discipleship

The Certification in Women’s Discipleship prepares students with the education needed to effectively disciple the women of today’s Church. Students will be equipped with solid biblical teaching, as well as practical knowledge for leading women in ministry and local churches. This certification is ideal for those wanting to lead women in ministry.
Includes the 8 essential courses plus the following 2:

  • The Role of Women in Redemptive History
  • Women's Discipleship

How to Apply

1. Read about the 2 different Certifications available above.
2. Select which certification you are interested in.
3. Fill out the form below.

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