Families uniting as friends.

Food. Family. Friends. Fun.

United Groups are a higher commitment environment for families to become friends and to reach our neighbors. We eat together, laugh together, grow together, and serve together.

United Group

Thursdays at 6PM. Available to adults of all ages and stages. Returning Hybrid (online and in-person at the same time). To sign up email Ralph and Karen.

United Group

Mondays at 5:30PM in Lunenburg. Specifically geared toward 55+. We will be sharing a meal! Email Harry and Susan for more info.

United Group

Sundays, 9AM in building 3 upstairs in the Next Gen space. Open to young adults with no children. Email Jenni for more info or to join.

United Group

Mondays, 6 - 8PM in N. Leominster. We will be sharing a meal! Email Randy & Kim for more info or to join.

 United Group

Mondays, 6:30 - 8:30PM in Lunenburg. Adults only. Email Jeff & Mary Jo for more info or to join.

United Group

Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:30PM online. Adults only. Email Clem for more info or to join.

United Group

Fridays at 7PM on City United Campus. Joelso and Adriana are hosting this Portuguese group as the start of our multi-ethnic ministries at City United. All are welcome, whether English-speaking or Portuguese! Includes music, food, and a Bible study.

United Group

Every 2nd and 4th Friday at 6PM in Worcester. We will be sharing a potluck style meal. Kids are welcome. Email Alyssa for more info. 

Want to get started?

"Wait ... I have questions."

What do United Groups do?
  • Most United Groups prioritize eating/meeting together at least every other week like a big family.
  • We have fun!
  • We share our stories together.
  • As we build trust, we get real in how we pray, serve each other, and point each other to Jesus.
  • We look for opportunities to serve our neighbors, community, and non-profits while pointing people to Jesus.
How do Events and Meet-Ups differ from United Groups?

Events, Meet-Ups, and United Groups each have an intentional, complementary purpose. Events and Meet-Ups are for temporary connection around similar interests, helping people to make friends from around the region. These friendships help provide a connection for people in our church who aren't ready to join a United Group and its rhythms. United Groups, and the community and mission they incubate, are committed, family-like communities that are ongoing and location-based. Events and Meet-Ups are low-commitment, while United Groups are higher commitment.

Do you offer sermon discussion/Bible study Groups?

United Groups are able to customize some of their time spent together. That said, sermon discussion usually is not the focus. Deeper Bible study is usually reserved for Micro-Groups. We do, however, provide Deep Dive Questions at the end of every message outline that you could review for a few minutes when your United Group meets.

I have kids, are they welcome?

Absolutely, depending on the preferences of each group. Just let the group leader know when you contact them that you will be bringing children.

It's 2022! Do you have COVID-19 precautions and plans?

We highly value the safety and peace-of-mind of our United Groups attenders. Therefore, we are allowing our United Group hosts the ability to choose what type of group they will be hosting. Some United Groups may be all in-person. Some may be all-online, and some may be a hybrid of the two. When you are looking for a group, keep in mind what your preference is among these three types.