"Let's Go and Remember"

Jan 31, 2021    Gary Moritz - Lead Pastor    Haggai 2:10-23 (CSB, Old Testament)
Let’s Go! is a phrase we use for someone who is not moving. It is a statement that causes us to get up, get out and get going. Haggai, a prophet in the Old Testament, had to mobilize the people of Israel to get their priorities right. The people of Israel had stopped focusing on God’s agenda, and instead they began to focus on their own agenda.

Haggai teaches us about having the right priorities. He served as a megaphone for God to help Israel recharge and realign themselves to God’s priorities. God has a way of awakening lethargic, discouraged, disinterested followers to motivate them to follow Him again. God used Haggai to wake up His people from a spiritual slumber. Haggai helped the people keep their eyes and focus on the bigger picture.

In this little book, we have four messages from Haggai, and each message has a specific strategy to motivate God’s people. In each message, Haggai points out a particular sin that keeps us from accomplishing and finishing God’s work.

In this collection of talks we will focus on 5 strategies that help us stay focused on God’s work and the mission at hand.