The Bible and a few good
friends can change a lot.

MICRO-GROUPS are the primary
place we grow at City United.

Micro-Groups are 3-5 people of the same gender who meet regularly to read the Bible, pray, and point each other to Jesus. Because it’s so challenging to be honest in a big group setting, Micro-Groups are a great way to help people grow towards Jesus and care for each other.
Here’s our best practices to keep it simple and have a great experience:
  • Be Transparent – Catch up, tell stories, laugh together. Remember that Jesus slowed down to have relationship with trusted friends.

  • Grow Together – Dig into Scripture, point each other to Jesus, be encouraging, bear each other’s burdens. Jesus spoke the truth and loved.

  • Take Next Steps – Pray, make plans for accountability and growth, follow Jesus in real time. Encourage each other to continually take next steps in your walk with Jesus.  The anticipation of “what’s next” is crucial.

Micro-Groups are not a religious program ...

... They are a way of life.  When 3-5 sincere followers of Christ come together for the purpose of helping one another become more like Christ and advance His Kingdom, supernatural transformation will occur.
There are five purposes for a Micro-Group:

  1. To help each other love, follow, and obey Jesus Christ.
  2. To read, study, and apply the Word of God to our everyday lives
  3. To support, encourage, and pray for each other
  4. To build loving relationships with those who are not in Christ for
    the purpose of sharing the Good News of the Kingdom of God in word and deed
  5. To disciple those who have just come to Christ.
A small, committed group of 3-5 people has a much better chance of digging into the deep root issues that are blocking personal transformation of spiritual growth. In the safety of unconditional love, trust, and confidentiality, people can truly open their hearts. They are more apt to let their “inner conversation” and personal issues come into the light. Through love, we can fight for one another’s transformation into Christ’s likeness (1 John 1:1-7).

Discipleship micro groups meet at least once a week to help each member become like Christ, love God, share the gospel, advance Christ’s Kingdom, and make disciples that make disciples.  No one can become like Christ, apart from supportive, loving, and accountable relationships. When 3-5 men or women commit to sharpening one another, opening their hearts with safe and loving friends, they can help each other hear and obey Jesus (1 John 1:3-10).

"... But I already have a small group of close friends.
Why should I register it with City United?"

One of our goals for Micro-Groups is to create a system that enables our members and attenders to grow with and disciple others in a tight, close-knit environment where accountability and trust are both important and emphasized. When you register your Micro-Group, all we ask for are the names of those involved so that we have a record of the people who are already participating. Additionally, when a Micro-Group leader fills out the weekly check-in form (below), we only ask for the number in attendance, not the names of those who attended.

We do not desire to micro-manage our Micro-Groups (wordplay intended). We simply desire to stay in the know with you for 3 main reasons: to encourage you, to equip you (when needed), and to celebrate with you.

How to Get Started

1. Find Your People

Making friends and connections at City United Church happens when you are serving on a ministry team, hosting and attending meet-ups or events, or joining a group.

2. Ask Some Friends

The ball’s in your court.  Invite some people to join your group.  It always feels good to be invited!

3. Make a Plan

Pick a regular time and place that will be convenient for your group and pick a Bible study. Some great places to look are RightNow Media, YouVersion, and our Media Page.


Maybe you're ready to start your own. Maybe you just want to join one.
Either way, we'd love for you to dive in, make some new friends, and grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus. Remember, no one should do this alone. 

*For existing Micro-Group Leaders*